It's our favorite day of the week...Friday!  It's been a crazy week with our BIG Sale going on, which by the way, if you havent already stopped in, be sure to come by.  There is a ton a great finds on our sale rack!

I have Saturday off of work, and have big plans for working on a DIY headboard, and picking out new rugs for our home! 
Since I'll be home, I want to test out this great new recipe from Pintrest of course!

How refreshing does this shrimp, avocado and lime salad look?

After spending some quality time with the hubby, I am planning on a girls night at the movies! I want to wear something cute like this, since we'll be in the presence of some good lookin' men!

And then we'll hit up our favorite spot for the best drinks in town!

Starlights Blackberry Juleps and Mojitos are the BEST!

And on Sunday, I'll paint my nails and lounge by the pool :)

What are your weekend plans?


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