or "Joyeux Anniversaire!" as the French would say..

This past Sunday, August 19th, would've been Ms. Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel's 129th birthday. And to think, we were feeling glum about turning 30.

If you don't know who Ms. Chanel is, then you might want to shift that huge rock over a bit and get-ta-readin'.

The contributions the fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand made to the world of fashion are unparalled,and frankly, we owe her a big "thank you." If it wasn't for her ingenuity and determination to change women's fashion, we'd still be walking around in corsetted dresses with our ribs cinched up to our armpits. To this day, the Chanel brand is epitome of classic style. Pearls, beautiful tweed jackets, impeccibly tailored dresses, and let's not forget that popular Chanel No. 5 perfume, all add to the sofistication and grace that has had the world swooning for over a century.

So today we'd like to celebrate Coco by dedicating our blog to Classic Beauty.

This trend will never die. Clean lines, tailored silouhettes, red lips, polished hair...it's a look that's been re-created decade after decade by many celebrities:

Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. are two shining examples of classic beauties. Over-sized sunglasses, perfectly coiffed hair, and of course--their outfits--still make them fashion icons today.

Our modern day classic beauty picks are the always polished Kate Middleton and the reinvented Michelle Williams. We haven't seen a picture of Kate where she hasn't looked fabulous. We are pretty sure you will never catch her traipsing around in sweats to the grocery store. And does she ever have a bad hair day?? Sheesh. Michelle has come a long way from the days of angst-ridden Jen on Dawson's Creek. Motherhood has done her good, or maybe it's her stylist..whatever the case, thumbs up, Michelle! Her pixie cut totally channels Twiggy, and she is never over-exposed on the runway. It's like Jen got sent to reform school!

Oh, and how about the entire cast of Mad Men? Classic. Beauty. Overload.

Well, we aren't going to leave you hangin'. We've chosen some Chanel-inspired looks that we are sure will bring out your inner Kate, Jackie or Audrey:

All of the looks above can be found in our store right this minute. So drop in or give us a ring and we will be sure to help you class up your warddrobe. And who knows, maybe you will finally land that JFK Jr./Don Draper look-alike of your dreams!


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