So it's officially Fall, ya'll.

The weather is starting to chill, the days are getting shorter, and the aroma of pumpkin spice permeates through the air. If you are anything like us, we are frantically sifting through our closets, searching for those perfect Fall outfits; dragging out our old sweaters, dusting off the old riding boots. Spring has always been the season associated with freshness after Winter's long chill, but Fall sweeps us off our feet in a very similar way. It's a time for change, and while the leaves start to break free from the branches, and the students break in their new notebooks, we get the opportunity to check out the new Fall trends.

look familiar?

Here are some of our "must haves" for Fall:

1. The Black Blazer

Gone are the days that this was only associated with work wear. This season's blazers are edgy, sophisticated and are a definite staple in your warddrobe. If you don't already own a black blazer, get one. Now. Inspired by menswear, the blazers we have been seeing are oh-so-flattering, and work as the perfect laying piece or the finishing touch to an outfit. From jeans to dresses, the black blazer is a great addition to almost any outfit.

2. Anything Leather (or faux leather)

Not just for bikers anymore. This year's leather is tailored, streamlined and comes in all shapes and sizes. We happen to love our Citizens of Humanity black "leatherette" jeans. Throw on a pair of booties and a flowy blouse and you have an instant fashion-forward ensemble.

3. Black Tights

These have been trending for a while now, so if you haven't jumped on the train yet, be sure to get on it for Fall. Kourt K. pairs hers with shorts and booties for a hip transitional look.

4. The Blouse

Find one that can be dressed up or dressed down--that is the key to success for this piece. We especially love a wide flowing sleeve and a tailored--but not restricting--cut.

5. Black Suede Pumps

More subdued than the patent leathers of summer, and a little more luxe than a plain black leather pump, the suede pump is the perfect fall shoe. They add instant glam and polish to any outfit. Round toe or slightly pointed are our favorite styles, and lots of designers have been adding that hidden platform--perfect for girls who want some extra height!

6. Colored Pants

This year has been the year of the colored pant. And Fall is no exception. The colors we love are subdued and come in soft fabrics like these rosey velvet Citizens of Humanity pants. When you feel like straying from the usual blue denim, try a pair of these!

7. The Bootie

We've seen it around for a while, but this season it's really making a large statement. They work great with dresses or skinny jeans, and best of all--they give your calves a break!



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