Looking for a way to give back? Well Monkee's has the answer, with our new jewelry line Half United. Half United, founded in 2010 by siblings Carmin and Christian Black, use a recycled bullet casing to represent the fight against hunger. Since then Half United has supplied over 115 thousand meals to children, donating half of the profits from every product sold to the global hunger epidemic. The people behind the Half United concept believe that the world's number one health dilemma, hunger, is a battle that can be won. So help fight the battle to win the war against hunger by purchasing Half United Jewelry hand made in the U.S. and now sold at your favorite place... Monkee's!
Why the bullet necklace?  "We use a bullet in our necklace designs to represent a PEACEFUL, protest in the fight against global hunger.  A bullet around your neck is a statement that demands an answer and in turn increases awareness of the global hunger epidemic." 


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