Even though summer is coming to an end... it doesn't mean it's time to stop being active and healthy! What many people may not know is that a great stress reliever is working out and breaking a sweat. So us Monkee's Girls thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite things to do/wear while working out at the gym, and maybe give y'all some new ideas to try the next time you hit the gym.

 Lauren's Favorites include: working out on the elyptical while wearing a cotton short sleeve tee-shirt,
                                     cropped Target workout leggings, and her Nike running shoes

   Lindsay's Favorites are walking on the treadmill while watching her favorite shows followed by abs
                                   wearing a loose comfy tank top, Nike dryfit tights, and her Nike Free's.

     Hunter's Favortie thing to do at the gym is to go to a zumba class in her white Nike pullover, Nike
                                            shorts, Lululemon headband, and her Asics running shoes.

Caroline's Favorite workouts are focused on doing leg presses and squats in her Lululemon Run Inspire Crop leggings, one of her ADPI tank tops, and her Nike Free's.

   Rachael's Favorite gym activity is running on the treadmill and lifting free weights in a Hanes v-neck
                                     tee shirt, Lululemon Run Speed Shorts, and her Brooks Running shoes.

Kensleigh's Favorite thing to focus on when she works out is abs, wearing an oversized Comfort Colors tank top, Nike spandex shorts, and her Nike Free's.

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  1. Love this! I have to get back on the work out train... I took a break after the wedding! xo