With Valentines Day only a week away, we are getting ready to celebrate a day full of love with that special someone. That's why we wanted to put together a gift guide that works for both you and him! The gifts range from clever DIY's to the classic box of chocolates and roses.

for him a pair of Royal Highnies for his royal highness & for her a bottle of Cupcake Red Velvet

a box of cigars for him and a soothing Rewind Candle for her

for him Bleu de Chanel Cologne and a cute Kate Spade Phone Case for her new iphone

to take with him on all his outdoorsy adventures a Camelbak Water Bottle and a piece of art for her office Oliver Gal Fine Art

for him a Peter Millar sport shirt and for her a yummy box of Ghirardelli Chocolate

a new pair of Ralph Lauren dress socks for him and a pair of Loren Hope Earrings for her

create a book with year full of perfect dates for him and for her create a personalized Happy Clam Monogram necklace 

for him a bottle of Mother Earth Whiskey and a bottle of Jo Malone Perfume for her

for him a new Owen and Fred Shaving Bag and for her a new comfy pair of Victoria's Secret Pajamas

a new pair of Nike Free gym shoes for him and a dozen roses for her



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