So we're gonna try something new. Every Thursday, we will be featuring one of our in-store vendors for a weekly bit we are calling "Designer Spotlight."

It's not often that you are thinking about the history of your clothing or how that designer got to the point of being a major brand while you are frolicking around in those fabulous jeans and perfectly tanned leather boots, but their stories are so inspiring, and they definitely deserve to be told.

So first on our list is a fairly new designer to our store, however they have been around for decades...for real. The brand got its beginnings in 1856! Talk about longevity!


Hunter wellies have been a favorite among Royals for quite some time, but did you know that the original company, North British Rubber Company, was commissioned to mass-produce their sturdy boots for the British Army in World War I? A total of 1,185,936 boots were made by the end of the war.

American entreprenuer Mr. Henry Lee Norris started the company in 1856 with 4 employees. After 2 World Wars, and 600 plus employees, the company moved from Edinburgh to Heathall, Dumphries to keep up with the growing demand.

It wasn't until 1956 that the famous Green Wellington boot was introduced. The Royal Family has been wearing Hunter Boots for so many years, that in 1986, Her Majesty the Queen granted Hunter Boots a Royal Warrant.

Hunter continues to grow in popularity, among Royals, celebrities and everyone in between. It's the perfect wet, soggy weather boot that doesn't skimp on style. So pull on your wellies, let it rain and join the Hunter phenomenon--and don't forget the long rich history that has brought them to us today!


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