So it's Election Day...thank GOODNESS. This election seemed to be one of the most heated and emotional elections we've ever witnessed in our lifetime. Lots of super important issues, and lots of arguing and bickering as usual. We are just kinda glad we don't have to look at it on our facebook feed be quite honest. But we hope everyone did get a chance to get out and vote--it's your right as an American--so move your butt if you haven't yet!

Even though it will still be a while before we find out who are next president is, we couldn't help but jump on the band wagon of comparing their leading ladies' fashion choices. Michelle Obama has been compared numerous times to Jackie O herself, but Mrs. Romney is a relative newcomer to the fashion world scrutiny, so it's only been the past year or so where her outfits have been on mass display. Both ladies definitely exude the class and sophistication a President's wife should have, but who do you think has the better fashion taste?


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